Daily faults and solutions of advertising display for users reference

Daily faults and solutions of advertising display for users reference.

1, What do you do when advertising display failed to function when plugged in ?

Solution: First, check whether the power supply is normal, check for any loosed Contact

Secondly, check if there is accurate power supply, please check the decoding board for electricity; 

Thirdly, check if the advertising machine driver plate has electricity, please check the high pressure article if there is power; 

Forthly, please check the LCD screen for electricity; Generally speaking, the major possibilities of such problems are the power supply.

2, The screen doesn't play but there is light on the panel, what might be the problem?

Solution: please check the signal cable whether the decoder board of the screen has connected well and check whether the signal lines that connect pins are distorted, bended or broken.

3, What's the cause when advertising display screen flares/ flickers?

Solution: check if there are any magnetic fields around the advertising machine or Check the power supply voltage if stable.

4, What should we do when there is no sound from the advertising display?

Solution: use a multimeter to measure the driver board whether the electricity is normal or check the speakers cable for good connections, 

there is a need to replace the driver board if this abnormal condition of driver board persist,

we will replace the driver board, usually horns of advertising machine is the most likely to happen, it's better to use soldering iron to weld them again. 

The damage of driver plate produces big noise of horn  and must be replaced. 

With regards to the above problem,  we can send you part from the factory.

5. Can the Ad Player works continuously for a long time?

Solution: There won't be any problem when ad player works continuously for a long time or without rest as Led screen has less heat, low power consumption, more appropriate operation for a long time. 

From a maintenance point, we should give the break time for advertising machine and other electrical products.

6. What causes the blue screen in ad player?

Solution: 1. Press the "POWER" button on the remote control, and restart the ad player. 

2. Please contact the manufacturer if this persist, appears often or for a long time.


7, What causes the black screen phenomenon on the ad player?

Answer: There are two causes of the black screen: 

1. If there is black screen without voice, kindly check the power supply; 

2. please check whether there is motherboard power light illuminating from insert card parts; 

3.please check the POWER supply plug for good contact, then pess POWER switch to start or press the POWER button on the remote control;

In case it doesn't boot after this examinations, there are three possibilities:

a. The wire is loose between high pressure strip and screen (or mainboard), reconnect wired; 

B. Check whether high pressure article damaged (check the screen backlight if normal from the insert card place), replace high pressure article if damage; 

C. Motherboard, check the CF socket, pins whether bent , short circuit, take away CF card to check wether it works normal, if not ok, then the motherboard needs replacement.

8. Why advertising machine fails to read the card?

A: If it is CF socket, pins are bent, correction with tweezers. If it is motherboard fault, replace the motherboard.

9,What causes an automatically shutdown after boot?

A: First of all confirm whether the menu Settings is in the regular shutdown state; If not, it's short circuit phenomenon of the machine, 

we can replace the motherboard or high pressure bar if it's doesn't work normal.


10, Why ad player's remote control failure?

Answer: No electricity or remote control head faulty or motherboard faulty, timing failure after replace the remote control, password lost,

 can't enter the password, display an error, please replace the motherboard.

11. Can individual users disassemble ad player by themself ?

Solution: Don't disassemble the Led screen or repair machine by yourself, in order to avoid high voltage electric shock or other danger,

 even if led screen sealed for a long time, but internal backlight components of CFL inverter maybe over 1000v high voltage, the high pressure can cause serious damage of human.

Open Led screen will lost warranty without the permission of the seller. If you need to repair, please consult technician or professional maintenance personnel to complete all the work. 

Or,if not solved , please contact our technical team, we will answer you sooner or return problem machine to maintain at the factory directly.