LCD Technology and Advertising Display

Nowadays LCD technology is a wide-applied technology and has been used in several of fields. For most of people, the LCD technology might be a new technology that has been developed since last few years. However, this technology does have a long history. An Austrian botanist found the unique properties of liquid crystal in 1888, and LCD technology has been well studied and utilized into many fields, such as mobile device display, interactive display and some other professional display. LCD display wins a great part of human's life for its incredible display properties, compared with that traditional picture tube.


LCD technology is a hot field these days as it really meets the requirements of many different customers and there are much more to be desired in this field, too. LCD can be used in high performance display or just lattice display. It can offer both a black-and-white and a multi-color image, only depending on the elementary area it uses. LCD is much more power-saving and, as a result, environmental friendly and low-costing than the traditional display mechanisms. For all these amazing properties, LCD technology has an increasingly demand and agent to have a remarkable break through.