Nowadays LCD technology is a wide-applied technology

A technical group utilized this type of new display mechanism and put them into practice. They started a Company to manufacture LCD display and made them a large part of the market. As LCD technology develops, more potential has been exploited and applied into high-performance display field. LCD display, with its amazing performance, has been accepted by the market and customers since it really simplifies the life of people's life and makes the dream of "portable monitor" realized. In this new era, LCD technology has reached its peak somehow and people can't live without it any more. You can see large LCD advertising display and LCD monitors everywhere. Displays of smart phones are another great achievement of LCD technology. Manufacturers can make a 9.7 inch display with a resolution of 2048*1536, which is known as a "retina" display. Smart phone with a LCD a display can perform well in document reading and gaming. You can't imagine a cell phone without a LCD display, just as people in 19th century couldn't imagine the life as easy as the present with a portable monitor made with a mature LCD technology.